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Orson Resins and Coatings Private Limited (ORCPL) is a reputed polyester resin manufacturer in India for composites, paints and coating industry since 1998. With over two decades of experience in manufacturing resins for various applications, Orson a leading player in the domestic industry and a government recognized star export house. Today, Orson is proud to announce that it stands among one of the largest unsaturated polyester resin manufacturers and Largest unsaturated polyester resin exporter in India.
Orson is headquartered in Mumbai, India with two state of art semi-PLC automated infrastructure with a dedicated R&D centre, laboratory and testing facility.



Unlock Your Creativity with Quality Polyester Resins.

Orson Resins And Coatings Private Limited is the leading manufacturer of polyester resins, delivering superior products that are designed to work in any application. From unsaturated to saturated, find the perfect resin for your needs and unlock your creative potential.


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Orson Resins and Coatings are the leading polyester resin manufacturer in India, offering top-notch unsaturated polyester resin, saturated polyester resin and polyester resin products. Enjoy quality resins at an affordable price!

Get quality polyester resins from India.

Orson Resins And Coatings Private Limited is the leading manufacturer of unsaturated polyester resin in India. With our top-grade products, get the perfect solution for your needs and ensure quality performance. Get the best resins at competitive prices with us today!

Get Quality Polyester Resin Manufactured in India.

Get the most reliable and highest quality polyester resin manufactured in India. With our broad range of unsaturated, saturated and other polyester resin products, you can count on us to get what you need.

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