Vinyl Ester Resins

Vinyl Ester Resin Manufacturer India

ORCPL is a leading manufacturer of vinyl ester resin in India. We offer a wide range of vinyl ester resin products, including general-purpose vinyl ester resin, high-performance vinyl ester resin, and flame-retardant vinyl ester resin. They are processed and cure similarly to polyesters, with the potential to offer improved toughness, though this usually requires an elevated temperature post-cure.

Vinyl Ester Resin Supplier in India

At present, we are one of the best high quality vinyl ester resin supplier in India. Our vinyl ester resin is manufactured using the latest technology and meets the highest international standards. Vinyl ester resins offer a bridge between lower-cost, rapid-curing and easily processed polyesters and higher-performance epoxy resins. Vinyl esters are favoured in chemical tanks and other applications for which corrosion resistance is key goal, and they also add value in structural laminates that require a high degree of moisture resistance (such as boat hulls and decks).

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